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TD-FAD + Low-Frequency Dual Polarization Modulated Plate Antenna

Available with TD-SCDMA  LTE  GSM900
Quality is safe and reliable
Fine appearance
Excellent indicator
Easy to install
  1.Electrical Specifications
  1.1 TD-FA index    
Index Element Beam Pattern/single antenna element Beam is steered towards 0° Beam is steered towards 60° Broadcast Beam Pattern is steered towards 65°
Frequency rangeMHZ) 1880-1920/2010-2025/2555-2655
GaindBi 11.5/12.5/13.5 17/18/19 15 12/12.5/13.5
Beam width(Horizontal) ° 100/90/65±15 ≤29 ≤32 65±5
Electrical downtilt° preset 6/6
Polarization ±45°
(Element Beam Pattern) VSWR(voltage standing-wave ratio) 1.5
Cross-polar ratio ≥15
Cross-polar ratio60° ≥10
Sidelobe suppression for first sidelobe above element beam patterndB) ≤-15
Element beam pattern beam width(Vertical) ° 14/12/10
Element beam pattern front-to-back ratiodB) ≥23
Broadcast beam pattern front-to-back ratiodB) ≥28
Traffic Beam Pattern front-to-back ratio ≥28
Same polarization isolationdB) ≥20
Polarized isolationdB) ≥25
Degree of coupling from calibration port to each unit port dB -26±2
Amplitude maximum deviation from calibration port to each unit portdB ≤0.7
Phase maximum deviation from calibration port to each unit port(° ≤5
input impedanceΩ 50
input powerW) 50
Connector 2*2*TD bundle joint

            1.2 Dual frequency index
Frequency rangeMHz) 880-960
Polarization ±45°
Gain dBi 15
Electrical downtilt° 2-18 Manual adjustment/ Remote control
Beam width(Horizontal) ° 65±6
Beam width(Vertical) ° 14
Sidelobe suppression(Sidelobe suppression for first sidelobe above main-beam) (dB) ≤-16
Front-to-back ratio(dB) ≥25
Cross-polar ratio(dB) ≥15
±60°Cross-polar ratio(dB) ≥10
Isolation between ports(dB) ≥28
Input ImpedanceΩ 50
VSWR(voltage standing-wave ratio) ≤1.5
@20W Third-order Intercept Point(dBm) ≤-107
Max powerW 200
Connector 2*DIN-F

         2.Mechanical Specifications
Antenna size 2270*320*140mm Pole diameter Φ80-Φ114mm
Packing size 2515*385*230mm Mechanical tilt 0-10°
Antenna weight 25.8KG Lightning protection DC ground
Gross weight 33.9KG Working Temperature -40 to +60
Radome material FRP(glass fiber reinforced plastics) Rated Wind Velocity 110km/h

         3.Accessories description
Conventional accessories Install one set of clip code
Matching accessories RCU handheld controller(scan and control the operation of RCU driver)
0.5 meter of control cable(connect with tadem of two RCU driver )
30 meter of control cable(connect with RCU driver and RCU handheld controller, the length can be customized )
3meter of bunched cable(turn the 4core,5core of bunched connecter to 9pcs of N-connector, the length can be customized )
RCU driver(connect with antenna adjustment knob, control the adjustment of dividing rule )